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Computer Lab :

Computer lab is called a second life line of higher education. Because of computer a big change is taking place in record keeping examination tabulation and the daily teaching notes on CDs. Our well-fitted computer center provided constant flow of the information and a window to the out side world. Our computer center has a good size with its terminals hooked on to a national server for international links. The computer has brought in a new vibrancy in academic administration.

Science laboratory :

It is airy and spacious with no crowding of experiment stations. Besides it is equipped with non-obsolescent instruments, with supplies never drying up water never trickling in or gas flames flickering.

Language Laboratory :

In Shri.Surupsing Hirya Naik College of Education well-developed and highly expensive language laboratory is established. It is established in collaboration with Lotus Learning Pvt. Ltd.

The Lingua Phone 4 level course is very important as English is an International Language. The Lingua-phone Language Lab Machine adds a dynamic dimension to the language learning process.It proves all the 4 skills of a learner including communication ability. It allows the learner to listen to the native speaker voice, record his own voice and then compare the two side by side. The machine plays the role of the tutor, allowing the learner to self-correct and improve pronunciation accent and overall use of the language.

The Lingua-phone correspondence course is really the need of the time, as it provides good job opportunities. On completing the course, the learner will get a certificate from lingua-phone and louts

Educational Technology lab :

Welcome to the E.T.lab our Educational Technology lab is a rich collection of interactive, informative and multimedia CDs. It is well-ventilated and well it equipped for overhead or power point projection or for LCD. It the power supply is interrupted here the provision is made for stand by generator.