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  1. To impart continuously updated, advanced knowledge to the students.
  2. To make students devote and dedicate themselves for achieving academic excellence.
  3. To simulate activities to strengthen professional competencies of teaching and non- teaching staff.
  4. To provide support to make research a significant activity of the institution involving staff, students and society.
  5. To uphold the glorious tradition of our National Heritage in Global Scenario.
  6. To prepare them to combat challenges posted by the modern competitive society.
  7. To introduce the students for entrepreneurship.
  8. To include the ideals of Humanity, integrity and Harmony.


  1. To deliver knowledge and skills envisaged in various programmes through innovative teaching, participatory learning, and reliable evaluation.
  2. To make education an interesting, joyous, relevant, and meaningful and learner centered activity.
  3. To create social, cultural, moral and environmental awareness among students.
  4. To develop human values of concern, compassion, tolerance and togetherness among students.
  5. To instill among students a sense of discipline, honesty, confidence and self-respect.
  6. To facilitate holistic and integrated personality development of students.
  7. To help students to adapt and excel by developing in them sensitivity to the changing times.

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